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About SANE/Avision

The SANE/Avision backend is a high quality SANE scanner driver, supporting a wide range of original Avision as well as Avision OEM scanners. Commonly known OEM scanner include Visioneer, Xerox, Hewlett-Packard (HP 53xx, 74xx and 82xx series), Kodak ixx series, Fujitsu ScanPartner, Mitsubishi sheet-feed scanners as well as Minolta film-scanner.






Over the last years performance was improved for latest high speed duplex scanners, several new hardware features supported, error conditions handled more gracefully, and driver hooks added for auto-crop & de-skew. Support was added for about hundred new scanners.




In the past year work was done on various fronts, including support for various variants of duplex feeders and many more devices, including the last Minolta Dimage Elite 5400 film scanners.




A lot work as done for better ADF support including duplex scans. A lot of new scanner IDs have been added to the driver (HP 82xx series, Kodak ixx series as well as many many others) and support for USB 2.0 scanners has been added.




The work to support the HP 5370 continued. Various improvements to support the Fujitsu sheet-feed scanners and to fix the support for the HP ScanJet 7400 series and Minolta film-scanners.


Franz Bakan fixed the thread handling for OS/2.


Roberto Di Cosmo sponsored a HP 5370! Many, many, many thanks!


The backend got extended to support direct USB access. The hpusbscsi module is no longer needed and considered obsolete. The new user-space USB code should work for all platform where libusb is available - and the solution should become more stable, since the hpusbscsi module was quite touchy when it didn't like some bits.


Compusoft, C.A. Caracas / Venezuela sponsored a HP 7450 scanner and so opened the possibility for proper ADF and calibration support for this kind of Avision ASIC!




Oliver Neukum sponsored a HP 5300 scanner and after two days the Avision backend was able to handle it!


Frank Zago contributed code to recognize and use Mitsubishi sheet-feed scanners.


Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida and me worked on the calibration algorithm.


Avision INC sponsored an AV 8000 (A3 size with ADF) for driver development!!! - Many thanks.




Some people found out that some HP USB scanner (HP 53xx and HP 74xx series) are Avision OEM scanners labelled by HP. So people started to ask for an modified backend to support this scanners. But since I did not had one it usually ended in oopsing kernels and endless debug message email handlind ... I asked HP at the CeBIT 2001 if they could provide a scanner for driver development. They tried to organize one - but going from manager to manager, they where not able to to this during one full year?!?


Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida started to contribute code to get his MINOLTA FS-V1 (aka: Dimage Scan Dual II) film-scanner to work with the Avision backend.




The Avision backend got included in SANE since the version 1.0.2 (Jan 2000 or so ...). So this page is only presenting some latest news, pictures and FAQs.




I bought a Avision AV630cs in 1997 because it is a really great scanner! But sometime later I completely switched to Linux. The problem was: There was no Avision support in SANE. SANE stands for Scanner Access Now Easy - a package of "scanner drivers" for Linux.